Good morning, both in the US and in Sweden.

It’s 4 a.m. on the East Coast. I’ve been shifting my morning routine this week to get on Swedish local time in preparation for a business trip to Helsingborg, Sweden.

I’m really liking being up so early, and I think I’ll likely continue doing it. There’s a focused quite in the stillness of the morning.

As I said earlier, I’m headed to Sweden later today, and I’m super excited to discover some year 2075-level sustainability secrets.

I have a ton of contact with my Swedish team, and their entire worldview is so different than ours in the US. Their way of life just exudes sustainability, and I’m excited to see the daily life structure that facilitates this frictionless modus operandi.

I have three goals for this trip:

  1. Put aside my American mindset for a week and fully absorb the Swedish way of life.
  2. Discover the tech, products, and services they utilize on a daily basis that facilitate this seemingly effortless and untroubled demeanor.
  3. Eat; like a lot. I travel to eat normally, but this is a pure business trip, so I hope that I still eat a ton of great food!

I will post updates as I travel. I hope you can learn from my learning.


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