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Her last screen moment came in I was horrified and shy. It took makeup artists 8 hours each day to prepare the prosethetics. Thankfully it was just a bit part. Naff has a great comeback when asked about her third boob, which is constantly. She says Arnold was a flirt.

‘Total Recall’s’ Three-Breasted Actress Sparks Internet Frenzy, Denies They’re Real

Finally, The Truth About the Three-Breasted 'Total Recall' Character - The Atlantic

Fans of the original Total Recall will be happy to know that one of their favorite characters is back in the Colin Farrell remake: the mutant Mary. Lycia Naff, who played this iconic part, was happy to reminisce with Vulture about her Total Recall days, celebrity run-ins, and why Denise Richards once called her a cunt. So what was it like becoming the triple-breasted woman? I have to correct you.

Finally, The Truth About the Three-Breasted 'Total Recall' Character

By Lycia Naff for MailOnline. I pride myself on being anonymous. Odd for someone who donned 3 boobs for the original Total Recall.
This article is from the archive of our partner. But as far as we can tell, the detail that all three breasts were prosthetic had gone unreported until The Awl's Tom Blunt asked. Naff has some fun insight on working with Arnold Schwarzenegger "it was almost like he was a robot with no mind of his own" but just for the record, this is how she describes her famous prostheses:. All three mammary glands are fake. In fact, the prosthetic is a large chest plate that starts at the neck and goes down to my belly button.