Tools for facial lymphatic drainage

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Whether you are looking to boost circulation for a brighter complexion, desperately in need of some drainage and de-puffing, or want to lift and tone your skin, aesthetician after aesthetician will tell you that it's all well and good to apply luxe serums and creams, but a facial massage practice will take things that much further for your face. And while your hands are a good tool, there exist a number of tools and devices on the market to help sculpt, tone, lift, and keep things plump and perky—think everything from jade rollers and gua sha , to micro-current devices too. Here, some of the best for all of your skin goals. For years, most of us have neglected the connective tissue that runs through our body, and yes, our faces. The problem: tissue gets knots, which leads to stagnant circulation, dullness, and

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While every skin type can use a face massage tool, deciding which one to invest in can be tricky — today, the options are plentiful. One end of the spectrum is rooted in tradition. The ubiquitous jade roller — as well as its gua-sha sister — has beginnings in ancient Eastern medicine, used to cool skin, soothe overworked muscles and even shift energy blockages in the body. If ancient wisdom feels a little at odds with your boundary-pushing skincare routine, consider the wealth of high-tech options instead. Now, advanced technology is taking face massage tools to new heights, incorporating sonic vibrations, gold-plated metal and even muscle-toning microcurrents to stimulate the skin.

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A few minutes spent moving one of the rollers, stones, or wands over your skin can leave your complexion looking firm, lifted, and bright. Plus, it just feels really good and is a great way to unwind tense muscles. Massage may be even more important as you get older, adds board-certified dermatologist Sapna Palep, M. That can happen after common habits like drinking alcohol or sleeping on your face.
Lymphatic drainage is not only good for your health keep that qi moving, people! What is lymph? But the heart has a pump to keep things moving. But gentle facial lymphatic drainage can help, especially around the eyes.