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In the last sixty years, the video game industry has grown from quite literally nothing to a behemoth larger than the film or television industries. This enormous change in the shape of cultural production has failed to make much of an impact on the study of culture more generally, partly because video games seem so much less culturally important than novels. No one has ever imagined the Great American Video Game. But video games have more in common with novels than you might think, and vice versa. Anyone trying to understand the combination of neoliberal individualism and righteous murderousness that characterizes our world today will do well to pay them some attention. Unlike novels, films, or television, games, we were told, were interactive, not passive and linear; they were oriented toward kinesthetic pleasures jumping, running, flashing lights , not intellectual or emotional ones.

Portland board game enthusiasts break out of the basement, onto the scene

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On a rainy Saturday morning in February, about 50 people crowded the Dallas Games Marathon event center, a clubhouse for board game enthusiasts located in a beige strip mall in the Dallas suburb of Plano. The casual space is chockablock with shabby couches, white plastic tables and a library of 1, board games. After losing ground to digital gaming in recent decades, tabletop board games are enjoying a nationwide resurgence. Sales of hobby board games in the U. This surge of interest has spawned an increase in amateur board game developers, particularly in Lone Star hotspots Dallas and Austin. Public input is key to designing a successful game, says workshop organizer year-old Brad Shankle, known as Bryn Smith in gaming circles.

Strip club

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Gallery: Portland a haven for board game enthusiasts photo gallery. How to get into gaming. Start with the classics:.