Stop excessive facial sweating

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Back to Health A to Z. Excessive sweating is common and can affect the whole body or just certain areas. Sometimes it gets better with age but there are things you can do and treatments that can help. It's normal to sweat if you get hot or do exercise, but you may be sweating excessively if you're sweating when your body does not need to cool down.

How Can You Control Excessive Facial Sweat?

Face and Head - International Hyperhidrosis Society | Official Site

Do beads of sweat pour over your forehead while you're sitting at your desk? Has streaming facial sweat gotten in the way of your success at work? Or has it prevented you from thriving socially? Facial sweating is a common problem and can be even more stressful and embarrassing than other types of excessive sweating. Even people who sweat heavily from other body areas may find that it's their facial sweating that bothers them the most.

How to Curb Excessive Head and Face Sweat

Are you experiencing excess grease and sweat after intense workouts, during the summers or just for no reason? If you seem to be facing excessive sweating only on your face and head, you may be going through craniofacial hyperhidrosis. However, all of us do not sweat in the same amounts.
Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. Sandwiched between an armpit and a bulging backpack in a crowded train car, I quickly began to feel pools of perspiration forming. First at my temples and above my perfectly lined lips, then a few seconds later, my nose was wet and I knew my foundation had begun to separate.