Renault alliance convertible

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Believe it or not, there was a time when the French automobile industry was the most technologically advanced in the world, the largest producer of automobiles in the world, and the largest exporter of cars to the United States. That of course, was circa, and my, did things change in the ensuing years. The problem was, heavy investment on costly, cutting-edge technology-laden cars took the focus away from improving and adding value to existing bread-and-butter models, doubling down on quality, and upgrading and streamlining their production capabilities while lowering production costs. The domestic French market and the European market are different stories for for another time, but in North America, while French automakers had a few significant models over the years, they never found a stable, lasting foothold. At least in the modern era, the most promising venture for a French automaker in North America came in the early s, in the form of the Renault-AMC partnership. Renault ultimately bailed out the near-bankrupt American Motors Corporation in , gaining a controlling

1987 Renault Alliance GTA Convertible

Renault Alliance Club Passion

The seller has performed extensive maintenance including a new timing belt, water pump, suspension components, brakes, and a host of additional items. The car is sold with a clean Carfax and clear Washington title. Available in only 4 colors when new, this GTA is finished in black with red trim and features body cladding designed by Zender. The finish appears to have held up well and still exhibits a nice shine. Lights are said to work and lenses appear to be free of cracking or fading. The cabin remains largely original and has held up well given its mileage. The dash is crack-free and the carpet has been replaced.

Renault Alliance

Initially available in two- and four-door sedan configurations, three- and five-door hatchback variants marketed as the Renault Encore became available in , and a convertible in A total of , vehicles were manufactured in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Production was discontinued after Chrysler 's acquisition of AMC in
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