Doctors have sex with teens

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I vividly remember the first time my son's pediatrician asked me to leave the examining room during his annual check-up. He said that as his patients approached adolescence, it was his practice to spend a few minutes with them privately. It would allow them to ask any questions or voice concerns that they might not be willing to discuss in front of their parents. At first, I was fuming. I thought, "Who does this doctor think he is? We're his parents, the ones who know him best.

Why Doctors Ask to Speak Privately with Teen Patients

Teens and Sex: A difficult conversation for everyone – Including doctors

Skip to content. Published on Sep 17, in Health Tip of the Week. From infancy to school age, you have been in the doctor's office with your child for fevers, ear infections, well visits and vaccines. Today, the doctor asks to talk to your teen alone — without you in the room. Why the change? What's going on that you can't be present for? Don't be alarmed, there are several important reasons healthcare professionals may ask to talk to your teen without you being present.

Doctors and teenage patients should talk more about sex, study says

The following are some questions teens have asked about providing privacy and their health concerns:. Sometimes your doctor will ask questions about school , your friends, and family members. The more your doctor knows about you, the better he or she is able to answer your questions or concerns. A: Your doctor will keep the details of what you talk about private, or confidential.
Both the American Medical Assn. Even when physicians and adolescents did talk about sex, those conversations lasted for only 36 seconds, on average, according to a report published online Monday in JAMA Pediatrics. Out of adolescent patients included in the analysis, a grand total of zero broached the issue during their checkup.