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Poldark is a passionate, moody, complicated, socially conscious and loyal man and the series is polished, beautifully scripted and very well acted by all involved. I felt bad about this. For maybe 20 seconds. One of the pleasures of consuming most BBC or other period dramas is not only the attractiveness of their locations and costumes, but also the attractiveness of the bodies male and female that are placed into those locations and costumes. There are, undeniably, a whole host of intimate pleasures bound up with the act of looking at even the most heavily clothed bodies. In film as it is in television.

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I was 35 and living at the Chateau Marmont while we filmed American Gigolo. I lived in New York, but when I was in L. It was a great place. Nobody stayed there but rockers, actors, writers, directors. It was just private apartments for all odd folks. I was living with my boyfriend, who I'd met when I was 21, and I was going to Africa, Asia, and South America every year while I was making one or two movies.

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It tells the story about a high-priced escort in Los Angeles who becomes romantically involved with a prominent politician's wife while simultaneously becoming the prime suspect in a murder case. The film is notable for establishing Gere as a leading man , and was one of the first mainstream Hollywood films to include frontal male nudity from its main star. Schrader considers it one of four similar films, which he calls "double bookends": Taxi Driver , bookended by Light Sleeper , and American Gigolo bookended by The Walker. Julian Kaye Richard Gere is a male escort in Los Angeles, whose job is to sell his body to upper-class women. His job supports and requires an expensive taste in cars and clothes and affords him a luxury Westwood apartment.