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Starting as a teenager, Amber always had the look of a model. Natural smile, sexy body, and savvy poses that melted the camera. But upon her 18th birthday, Amber was fed up of posing for clothing catalogs and other local advertising gigs that didn't give her a shot to truly show off her sex appeal. It was then that she started her own amateur site Adorable Amber, a way to show off how much fun a California coed could truly be.

Adorable Amber Topless

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Few words Adorable Amber: Hey guys what's up? I'm Adorable Amber. So what do you think of my site Adorable Amber. Oh you haven't been there yet? Well what are you waiting for?!?!!?! Enter my site now by clicking the link below and join! On my site you will find out that I'm in Cali, I just turned 18 on July 8th, I'm looking forward college and all kinds of fun times.

Adorable Amber

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