Today, I received an email from my electricity provider that provided me with an energy impact statement.

I don’t recall ever seeing one of these before, and it really caught my interest. 

Energy sustainability is not solely an individual responsibility but a collective obligation we share with our planet. But it takes personal decisions in the right direction to satisfy that collective obligation. 

Today, I want to briefly dive into the connection between energy sustainability and your electric bill.

The Lifetime Impact of Energy Sustainability

Energy sustainability strives to meet our present needs while safeguarding the interests of future generations. 

In today’s modern world, our appliances, industries, and transportation consume substantial energy. Our continued reliance on finite fossil fuel resources contributes to climate change and air pollution and raises other pressing environmental concerns. 

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to switch my energy provider to one that only sources renewable energy. We can significantly mitigate carbon emissions and foster sustainable development by transitioning to renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydropower. 

It highlights the carbon emissions I’ve prevented by opting for a greener energy source. 

The email I received from my electricity provider with my energy impact statement offers valuable insights into how small changes can substantially shift our energy profile.

Lifetime Carbon Savings from Energy Sustainability

This information fosters awareness of how our energy choices impact the environment, encouraging ongoing energy efficiency and support for sustainable energy production.

What The Impact Statement Tells Us

The email on the energy impact statement also provides monthly usage and monthly CO₂E avoided, giving valuable information about my energy consumption. 

This enables you to identify areas where energy usage can be reduced, such as turning off lights and electronics when not in use, utilizing energy-efficient appliances, and considering home insulation (which I took advantage of through a subsidy last year!) to minimize energy waste.

The email also shared valuable energy tips to enhance your impact. One practical tip is to ensure that your refrigerator and freezer are always well-stocked, as this promotes efficient operation. 

This tip has never been a problem for me! I get wild-caught sustainable Alaskan seafood sent in bulk several times a year, so I always have a sustainable protein choice on hand for last-minute guests.

Not only does this practice save energy, but it also contributes to sustainability efforts by minimizing waste. 

By making these simple adjustments, you can lower energy consumption, protect the environment, and even save money.


Your energy impact statement provides valuable information regarding energy sustainability. 

It effectively highlights your efforts to reduce carbon emissions by opting for renewable energy sources, offers insights into your energy consumption, and encourages making energy-efficient choices. 

Achieving energy sustainability necessitates collective action towards green energy production, responsible consumption, and environmental protection. 

By implementing the suggested energy tips, you can positively impact the environment, lower energy bills, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Get busy slowing down and thinking about your choices!

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