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A shocking video shows the child crying in terror as teachers tell him he must be punished with a paddle. A shocking video shows the moment a mother was apparently forced to watch and "approve" as her child was being spanked by school teachers for bad behaviour. In the clip, the boy, Thomas, stands over a chair while the principal and assistant principal of a primary school in Georgia, US, tell him he will get a "spanking. But one of the teachers simply says: "Nope, momma can't help. Momma might help if she stood outside the door.

Is Spanking a Child Ever OK?

Principal of Florida school spanks six-year-old pupil with a paddle | Daily Mail Online

A video of a Florida school principal using a paddle to spank a 6-year-old student has sparked outrage online. In the graphic video, shot by the child's mother on her mobile phone last month, we see the student bent over a chair, crying, while she is paddled three times by principal Melissa Carter of Central Elementary School in Clewiston, Florida. Ms Carter is now under investigation by the Hendry County school board and the local sheriff's office. Corporal punishment - paddling, spanking, or other forms of physical punishment - is not permitted in Hendry County schools. But while physical discipline has been outlawed in US military training centres, juvenile detention facilities and as punishment for a crime, slapping or spanking a child remains legal in 19 states across the country.

Principal of Florida school spanks six-year-old pupil with a paddle

When I was born my parents were thrilled and determined to parent the right way. Well, I suppose they did the best they could with what knowledge they had. They wanted the perfect little nursery for their perfect little girl. So there I was, newly entered into the world, torn from my mama, and already I had my own room.
The short answer is no. When your child misbehaves or acts in defiant, inappropriate, or even dangerous ways, you want to show him his behavior is unacceptable and must change. Spanking may seem like a direct and effective way to do that, but it delivers other messages you don't want to send:.