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Xena of Amphipolis , also known as the Warrior Princess and the Destroyer of Nations , was a legendary figure in ancient Greece and throughout the Known World. As a warlord , she was at the head of one of the most ruthless and destructive armies that the world had ever seen. With her lover, Borias , she traveled to numerous countries, making her name known and feared. After being redeemed by Hercules , she attempted to walk a path of redemption. With Gabrielle her best friend in the beginning and then later her implied lover and soulmate, she became renowned as one of the greatest heroes of the time, traveling to places such as India and Egypt , fighting for the Greater Good. In her late teens, Xena's village was raided by the warlord Cortese.

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When Caesar, advised by Callisto, fixes a price for Xena's head, the Warrior Princess believes it's finally the time to kill him - even if that may lead her and Gabrielle to the death by crucifixion Xena is seriously hurt in Cirra's ruins by a huge log and she enters into a coma. While Gabrielle carries her to a doctor in order to try to save her life, she remembers how ten winters ago she met When the Persian army lands, intending to capture Greece, they expect easy pickings -- but Xena and an injured Gabrielle are in their way. We've rounded up our most anticipated new and returning TV shows you can't miss, all premiering in summer See the full list.

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Marcus, Ares ,. Co-created by Tapert and John Schulian, she first appeared in the — television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys , before going on to appear in Xena: Warrior Princess TV show and subsequent comic book of the same name. The Warrior Princess has also appeared in the spin-off animated film The Battle for Mount Olympus , as well as numerous non- canon expanded universe material, such as books and video games. Xena was played by New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless.
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