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It can be an unfamiliar setting for those used to whizzing with the protection of 4 walls and a lock on the door. But, with a little knowledge and know-how, you can find some confidence spending a penny in the outdoors. I consider myself a seasoned outdoor toileteer, but admit it does take some getting used to. For men, this involves somewhere off the trail, facing away from any onlookers.

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Category: Live Healthy. A lot of our kupuna develop difficulty holding their urine and stool so much so that it affects their way of life. Problems with peeing and pooping can prevent them from going out and enjoying the stuff they usually enjoy. For example, they might stop walking and exercising, which can lead to weakness, depression and memory problems. Certain conditions like diabetes and nerve problems related to neurologic issues can cause loss of our ability to hold in our urine or stool.


Because everyone does it. There once was a woman who walked regularly from her office in Midtown Manhattan to a hotel across the street in order to use the restroom, and that woman may have been one of us. That woman had a friend, at another office job, who carried a book of matches and a can of air freshener in her purse — more willing to set off the office fire alarm than leave any hint of odor in a public lavatory. That friend had another friend, at another office job, who repeatedly forced her body to do the deed so quickly — racing from cubicle to bathroom and back, in an effort to deflect attention from what she might be doing in there — that it led to a semi-serious hemorrhoid problem. It is meant to teach kids that defecating is a natural, healthy part of digestion, and it does so by illustrating a wide variety of creatures — dogs, cats, snakes, whales, hippos, little boys — happily defecating.
Women deal with a lot of sexism and obstacles here on earth, so it makes sense that this sexism would follow them in to space. The first woman went into space in , but it took another two decades for female astronauts to become common. Turns out there's a glass ceiling even outside of the earth's orbit.