Viewing sperm microscope

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A medical student looked at his own sperm under a microscope and filmed the fascinating close-ups on his iPhone. Martin Kristiansen shot the footage of his semen, magnified up to 1, times, to give an insight into the world of reproductive cells. His recording, made in the comfort of his home, shows thousands of the tiny cells darting back and forth full of life. The biomedicine student at Aalborg University in Denmark was shocked to see just how lively his semen was. Martin Kristiansen shot footage of his semen up close, back in September, to give an insight into the world of reproductive cells.

Medical student looks at his own SPERM under a microscope

How to view sperm via microscope? - microscopy | Ask MetaFilter

How to view sperm via microscope? Are there any particular requirements other than magnification level? And is it necessary to prepare the sample semen in any way to support optimal viewing? I've googled and googled, and haven't been able to find what would seem to me to be info about a very basic high school science experiment! Bonus points for anyone who can recommend an actual microscope to buy online. According to this site human sperms are about 2.

Are your sperm up to scratch? Phone microscope lets you check

By Jessica Hamzelou. How are the little swimmers doing? Men often find it embarrassing to provide a semen sample at a clinic, says Yoshitomo Kobori of the Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital in Japan. So Kobori devised an alternative.
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