Spit roast sex position

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Spit roasting is a sex act for three people, where an individual, traditionally a woman, is orally and vaginally or anally penetrated at the same time by two male partners. This sex act gets its name because the woman is penetrated by two partners much like a piece of meat is penetrated at both ends by a spit roast cooker. To get into the spit roasting position, the woman gets on all fours. One partner enters her from behind and proceeds to have sex, doggy-style.

Spit roast

Urban Dictionary: spit roast

If you are reading this article and expecting advice on talking dirty then you are going to be disappointed. The woman, who is positioned in the middle, is penetrated by one of the men while she performs oral sex on the other — thus looking like a spit roast! Each person in the group performs and receives oral sex simultaneously causing a daisy chain effect. This relatively common occurrence can happen after particularly energetic sex, when air is forced up into the vagina as the man thrusts. Dirty Sanchez is the pretty disgusting act of smearing faecal matter on the upper lip of a partner during or following anal sex, forming an authentic looking Mexican moustache. Bukkake Bukkake is a Japanese term that refers to a woman being ejaculated on by several men. The number of men can vary from a few to over a hundred.

spit roast

At the Gay Sex Positions Guide, we define group gay sex positions by the activities—anal intercourse, blowjobs, or rimjobs—performed by three participants, which we'll refer to as participants A, B, and C. In the spit roast position, participant A fucks participant B who gives a blowjob to participant C. If one person is penetrated by two objects, it is generically called double penetration sometimes abbreviated dp.
A spit roast is originally a way of barbequing an animal, with a spit — a wooden or metal stick — poked through it. The spit will then slowly rotate to cook the meat equally on all sides. As a slang, however, a spit roast is a vulgar sexual reference to a threesome with at least two men.