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Other actors portrayed Stierlitz in several other films. Stierlitz has become a stereotypical spy in Soviet and post-Soviet culture, similar to James Bond in Western culture. The American historian Erik Jens has described Stierlitz as the "most popular and venerable hero of Russian spy fiction". The culture of Imperial Russia was very strongly influenced by that of France, and accordingly the Russian writers shared the disdain traditionally held by French writers towards spy novels, which was seen as a very lowly type of literature. Semichastny wanted to erase the memory of the Yezhovshchina and give the KGB a more positive image. Working deep undercover, Stierlitz tries to collect intelligence about the Germans' war plans and communicate it to Moscow.

The 20 Most Hacked Passwords in the World: Is Yours Here?

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This report summarizes the findings of the SafetyDetectives research team who collected over 18 million passwords to find the 20 most used, most predictable, and ultimately most hacked passwords all over the world. Note: We only analyzed the data — no identifying information like usernames or banking details were compromised while conducting this research. Instead, we wanted to see if there were any obvious patterns occurring around the world which would cause hackers easier access to user information, regardless of language or location. Non-English speaking countries are often underrepresented in cybersecurity research, but non-English speakers are still vulnerable to cyber crime.

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