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Identify and correct punctuation errors involving commas, apostrophes, colons and semicolons, parentheses and brackets, quotation marks, hyphens and dashes, question and exclamation marks, and periods. ENL Course Learning Requirement 1: Plan, write, revise, and edit short documents and messages that are organized, complete, and tailored to specific audiences. As the little marks added between words, punctuation is like a system of traffic signs: it guides the reader towards the intended meaning of the words just as road signs guide drivers to their destination. They tell the reader when to go, when to pause, when to stop, when to go again, when to pay close attention, and when to turn Truss, , p. A paragraph without punctuation—no periods, commas, apostrophes, etc. The goal is to help you avoid making mistakes that can potentially embarrass you in the eyes of people who should be taking you seriously.

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Please be sure to communicate with your health care provider about any medicines you are taking. This includes vitamins, herbs, supplements, aspirin products, arthritis medications, anticoagulants blood thinners such as warfarin or heparin , clopidogrel, insulin or iron products. Also share any information about allergies to any medicines including any type of anesthesia. Most medications can be continued during the prep period, but some can interfere with either the bowel prep or the colonoscopy. Read them ahead of time! You may need to shop for supplies and laxatives and follow a special liquid diet for at least a day before the test. Now that you have read all of your instructions, we have some general guidance for starting your preparation:.

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The apostrophe is used to form possessives e. The apostrophe is not used to form most plurals e. There are three exceptions: plurals of lowercase letters e.
He is, however, the kind of guy who believes that when you make a pact with a friend over burritos, it's important to keep it. No one at the table imagined that Sassi would ever have to deliver on his declaration. But you can guess what happened after Colon went deep for his first career home run on May 7 against the Padres. Sassi, a Middletown, New York, native who lives in San Diego, became the proud owner of a giant, grinning, goofy likeness of Colon on his right shoulder. It's a tattoo that is -- like Colon -- somehow both joyful and outlandish.