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Our dear friend and valuab le colleague, Le e Schipper, transportation research guru par excellence, died on August 16th after a fast and fierce batt le with cancer. We will miss Le e for his deep knowledge, thorough analyses, quick wit, frank assessments and passionate presentations. Le e accomplished and published so much — influencing so many policies, ideas and peop le during his intriguing career. Go ahead and Goog le him and Center for Clean Air Policy CCAP reports illustrate the benefits of investing in green infrastructure and incorporating climate adaptation best practices into city planning Washington, D.

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The Contest is a contest of skill that measures the driving habits of […]. Below are a list of the statistics used in the National Teen Driver Safety Week materials and their sources. Young people are killed in crashes at a higher rate than any other age group under 80 years old. Perceptions of Vision Zero in Canada Why are cars made to go that fast? The Public Health Agency of Canada compiles trusted and credible resources for health professionals and public health decision-makers to plan programs for promoting health and preventing diseases. With support from the Public Health Agency of Canada, and in collaboration with Sport Canada, Parachute is leading the harmonization of concussion guidelines and protocols across Canada.

Use this tool to collect information about the physical features of each road that borders the school. This information will help you decide what new features to add to the area to improve safety for children travelling to and from school. When to use this tool Perform the first site audit before you make any […]. The Contest is a contest of skill that measures the driving habits of […].
Overview: Reporter Lucy May talks to local homeless service providers about the importance of jobs in ending homelessness for families and asks if our Secure Jobs Connecticut pilot could be a model for Cincinnati. The Trust organized a reading by the award-winning author Ryan Berg No House to Call My Home: Love, Family, and Other Transgressions , followed by a conversation with the members of the Youth Action Hub, young peop le who have first h and experience with homeless and instability. Overview: An annual report on housing conditions across the state.