Lindsay lohan peeing

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And I agreed to do this interview because I was curious how young celebs in the 21st century the last gasp of the patriarchies are replaying the roles of gods and goddesses of classical times, as figures to both live through and learn from. No one gets out alive. By her late teens, she was already a pro, having emerged from total family immersion in Hollywood. And then she stopped for a minute to be a kid-to act stupid, get drunk, and play the fool.

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Lindsay Lohan's Latest Instagram Has Everyone Asking The Same Question

If you've been following her social media, you'll know our gorl Miss Lindsay Lohan has been popping off lately. From adopting a bizarre, new accent to posting the most obscure throwback pics, Lindsay is truly out here living her best life. Like when Lindsay single handedly ended global warming by suggesting "If you need a new friend, start talking about global warming. It's a real icebreaker. I'll always cheer for her.

Addicted to Chaos: Oprah's Interview with Lindsay Lohan

The other day, I was talking to a friend about my reluctance to even watch this interview. At a certain point, more exposure for Lindsay Lohan seemed just too voyeuristic to handle. But I was holding out hope that, of all people, Oprah could keep the public urination to a minimum. We were both young actors, working in Los Angeles at the same time, but we never met. There seems to be this idea that we all know each other, like we all hang out by a pool somewhere, comparing paychecks and criminal charges while Molly Ringwald braids our hair.
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