Let s get together tonight in la victoria

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Illustration of two hands holding hats. One holds a Mexican "sombrero" and the other holds an "Uncle Sam"-style top hat. Helguera, Leon It has been viewed times, with in the last month.

Caravan forum victoria

Caravan forum victoria

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Your espresso coffee machine since 1905

In the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration there are many pictures that reflect the American experience. However, as time passes, the original context behind many images may be lost or forgotten. Fortunately, by using the textual documents found at the National Archives the past can be reconstructed to reveal the stories behind these pictures.
The idea that inspired the creation of the machine was the steam engine train and the concept of making a coffee in the fastest way possible. The espresso coffee machine and the train are all inventions that slowly brought the perception of distance and time to change and bring the continents together. In Victoria Arduino invested in advertising. One of the most successful investments was the celebrated manifest of the painter Leonetto Cappiello that portrays an elegant traveler that leans off a running train while preparing an espresso with the Victoria Arduino. Cappiello became one of the most appreciated painters, designers, and poster artists and a mastermind of commercial manifests.