Keeping sperm from falling out

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My husband and I have an active sex life, we are both healthy, and my periods are regular. However, we have still not conceived! Please help! You need to remember that it's not possible to determine the reason for your infertility until you undergo tests to find out if your husband's sperm count is normal; if your fallopian tubes and uterus are normal; and if you are producing eggs.

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Join now to personalize. How to keep sperm from leaking out? My boyfriend and I are trying to conceive, but it seems like everytime we have sex and he ejaculates its just leaks out and I'm not sure if any is going inside me. Any suggestions on what to do to fix this problem?. Answer this question. This may seem odd but if you try on all fours it's deeper penetration which gets the sperm right up on the cervix or missionary with legs on his shoulders might work.

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The pre-teen birds and bees talk all made it seem so simple. Love, sex, and pregnancy. Each was easily explained, right? Or maybe it was just that you wanted that awkward conversation to end?
Getting pregnant seems like it should be so easy. I feel like I Googled everything, from sex positions, to ovulation tests, to fertility apps. I even searched how to keep sperm in when trying to conceive , because, like, what if it falls out? Although science has yet to prove its validity, many women attest that if you can figure out how to keep sperm in when trying to conceive, you'll have success getting pregnant.