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CNN Maybe you've taken a naked selfie for your significant other, or you've let someone take a photo of you in the nude. Once that kind of photo exists, it's all too easy for someone to send or post it without the subject's consent. More Videos Inside the secret Marines Facebook group

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Visual Glossary of Photography Terms | Stanley Mladenov Photography

Facebook Twitter Email. CNN — Stripping off a few layers when things heat up can often be the most natural thing in the world. Few of us, however, would attempt it in front of a crowd of hundreds while stood in front of a volcano spewing lava. But adventure tour guide Sveinn Snorri Sighvatsson has gone viral for doing just that during a visit to Geldingadalur in Iceland's Reykjanes peninsula. His impromptu striptease took place as revelers gathered at the site of the erupting volcano to watch the remarkable display, which began last Friday.

Visual Glossary of Photography Terms

Adrienne Cutway , Web Editor. Seuss books canceled Shaq, the big-time wrestler ]. The girl and her mother got into a fight about the messages and the teen left her home. Law enforcement officers located her in Lakeland and questioned her about the content of the messages, according to the report.
There's a lot of different terms that people use to describe elements and styles of photography and there's lots of common misunderstandings of what the terms really mean, which can get a bit daunting and confusing. This guide is for non-photographers to help you understand the terms that you may hear, and to help you find the right words when describing an image. Note that styles have evolved over time, they are often mixed together, and people have different understandings of them. Presented here is my understanding of styles based on the opinions and definitions that I have encountered, which may differ from others'.