Erotic freelance writing

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Erotica Writing Freelancers

The Smutlancers • The Smutlancers

Do you write about sex? Do you want to get paid to do it? From short stories to novellas to epic novels, you want to build an audience and a career as an erotic author. You want the freelance life but make it sex content. We help adult content creators build audiences, stay motivated, achieve their goals, and turn their smutlancing goals into reality. The Smutlancers is a collaboration between Kayla Lords and Molly Moore, two long-time sex bloggers and smutlancers. All the business talk you read or hear will tell you to network, network, network.

5 Steps to Getting Started in Erotica Writing

The Internet has changed the terrain for erotica readers and writers, with sites devoted to the spicier side of romance and the raunchier aspects of relationships. Steamy prose is easy to find and almost as easy to publish - on websites that take submissions and as stories for sale for e-book readers. Learn about what's hot, what's not, how to write for the discerning reader, and how to make more than couch cushion change publishing your own work. Get your feet wet by reading widely and well. Before taking the plunge at your keyboard, check out the latest lusty literature from the vast array of online resources offering free or cheap reads.
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