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Is there any issues with this? There are no issues. Often, there seems to be a general fear, disgust or at least apprehension to our own bodily fluids with many. Now, the one reason that jumps out at me is a homophobic fear. Now, obviously, this is a ridiculous mindset, but ridiculous or not, it exists, and that makes it real. I used to be very squeamish about even touching my wife after we had sex.

Is it possible to get pregnant from oral sex?

Can you have oral sex after intercourse? - Uncovering Intimacy

Good news! You cannot get pregnant from oral sex. However, if semen gets on your vulva external genitalia or in your vagina, it is possible to get pregnant. This could happen during oral sex if your partner ejaculated came on your vulva, or you or your partner touched the semen and then immediately touched your vulva or vagina. The terms blow job, going down on, giving head and eating out all refer to oral sex. For a pregnancy to begin, microscopic cells called sperm found in semen have to travel through the vagina and uterus and into the fallopian tube. There, a sperm might fertilize an egg.

Can You Get Pregnant from Swallowing? And 13 Other Sex Questions, Answered

Click here to get it. Men and women both have something in common that they never talk about…the tip of his penis, the glans [ 1 ] is very similar to the exposed part of your clitoris, the clitoral glans [ 2 ]. As you get closer and closer to orgasm, your clitoris becomes increasingly sensitive until you reach orgasm, at which point your clitoris usually becomes too sensitive to touch. Then after orgasm, your clitoris will usually remain too sensitive to touch for a few minutes.
Blow jobs may be oral sex, but your mouth doesn't have to do all the work! Here are four different approaches to making your man feel good — while giving yourself a little break when you need it. Talk dirty to him while rubbing his penis with his pants still on. Tell him how much you want to put your mouth on it, then get on your knees and unzip his pants.