College degree in analyzing facial expressions

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One of the strongest indicators for emotions is our face. We have the answers. Now is the right time to get started. You can download your free copy below and get even more insights into the world of Facial Expression Analysis.

Facial Expression Analysis: The Complete Pocket Guide

How do I become a facial expression expert? | Paul Ekman Group

Learning involves a substantial amount of cognitive, social and emotional states. Therefore, recognizing and understanding these states in the context of learning is key in designing informed interventions and addressing the needs of the individual student to provide personalized education. The proposed computer vision-based behavior monitoring method uses a low-cost webcam and can easily be integrated with modern tutoring technologies. We investigate these behaviors in-depth over time in a classroom session of 40 minutes involving reading and problem-solving exercises. The exercises in the sessions are divided into three categories: an easy, medium and difficult topic within the context of undergraduate computer science. We found that there is a significant increase in head and eye movements as time progresses, as well as with the increase of difficulty level. We demonstrated that there is a considerable occurrence of hand-over-face gestures on average

#AskEkman: How do I become a facial expression expert?

Online education has developed rapidly due to its irreplaceable convenience. Under the severe circumstances caused by COVID recently, many schools around the world have delayed opening and adopted online education as one of the main teaching methods. However, the efficiency of online classes has long been questioned.
Paul Ekman himself:. The Psychology Department at UC Berkeley has four faculty members who work on emotion, one of whom studies facial expression. The University of Wisconsin has a program on emotion and compassion, with emphasis on neuroscience substrates. But there are many other choices; emotion is a popular topic these days!