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The world had already been watching Britney Spears unravel for years when she walked into a hair salon in Tarzana, California, a decade ago and shaved her head. Images of a wide-eyed Spears bald as the day she was born, gritting her teeth, are memorable not only because they are visually jarring when compared to her polished pop-star looks, but due to the nature of the act itself. She recoiled from celebrity culture by mortifying her own flesh. She stripped herself, publicly, of her sexuality. In boot camp, soldiers lose their individuality with their hair.

10 years ago today, Britney Spears shaved her head

Britney Spears Goes Bald - video Dailymotion

Watch fullscreen. Wibbitz Entertainment News. Just a few days later, Britney became enraged at photographers and attacked them with an umbrella. Troubled, sad and in the middle of a bitter custody battle with Kevin Federline, In Spears regained visitation rights to her boys and released her chart-topping sixth album, Circus. Britney continued her path to recovery, and in she released the album "Femme Fatale.

10 Years Later, Britney Spears' Head-Shaving Moment Is Still Unforgettable

Britney Spears marched into a random hair salon and shaved off her hair in - and a tattooist who saw her that night tells Channel 5 documentary Britney Spears - Breaking Point just why she did it. Fans could only look on in horror as Britney Spears hit the self-destruct button in amid a harrowing breakdown. In the space of 14 months, an all-too public battle with mental illness saw her fade from a million-dollar selling pop princess into a broken and vulnerable star, who had to be wheeled out of her own home strapped to a gurney. But perhaps one of the most profoundly tragic images from that time was of Britney shaving her own head.
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