Bizzare toilet peeing

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How many times have people entered a public restroom only because the interior seemed intricately designed? Never, right. And if you thought that relieving yourself in a urinal was boring, think again. The Toilet in an Elevator Shaft Mexico If looking out to the streets was strange, here is a toilet that can make you dizzy.

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According to a poll that had 2, respondents, people spend a large chunk of their time in the bathroom. Check them out below:. Is this toilet set inside a lecture hall? Why is the toilet in a classroom? Who in their right mind would ever do this?

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Yes, the people one. Yes, on his own. The moment I managed to film this shocking act stands out in the fog of recent days. My wife and I were getting ready for bed when my cat Wiley hopped up on the open toilet.
Either way, here are some cool toilets from around the world…. A toilet in Laos. Remember to carry your own toilet paper with you. She wanted to see if anyone would use it as, using one-way mirrors, you can clearly see out, but no one can see in.