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A bikini is a women's two-piece swimsuit featuring two triangles of fabric on top that cover the woman's breasts , and two triangles of fabric on the bottom: the front covering the pelvis but exposing the navel , and the back covering the buttocks. In May , Parisian fashion designer Jacques Heim released a two-piece swimsuit design that he named the Atome 'Atom' and advertised as "the smallest swimsuit in the world". No runway model would wear it, so he hired a nude dancer from the Casino de Paris named Micheline Bernardini to model it at a review of swimsuit fashions. Due to its revealing design, the bikini was considered controversial, facing opposition from a number of groups and being accepted only very slowly by the general public. In many countries, the design was banned from beaches and other public places: in , France banned the bikini from being worn on its coastlines; Germany banned the bikini from public swimming pools until the s, and some communist groups condemned the bikini as a "capitalist decadence".

Myrtle Beach Thong Policing Is Just the Most Recent Time a Woman Was Detained For Her Swimwear

Myrtle Beach Thong Policing Is Just the Most Recent Time a Woman Was Detained For Her Swimwear

Before the arrival of the bikini in , swimwear was modest and understated. There was a breakthrough moment in the s when skirts were accepted, however women were subject to arrest if their hemline exceeded an inch too far above the knee. That's right—police would patrol the beaches with measuring tape. Swimwear constantly bordered salacity and was considered a taboo subject. That is, until the rebellious Louis Reard brought our beloved bikini into the world and changed everything. The year-old nude dancer from Paris is credited with being the first woman to wear a modern bikini in front of the camera.

History of the bikini

Evidence of bikini -style women's clothing has been found as early as BC, and the history of the bikini can be traced back to that era. Illustrations of women wearing bikini-like garments during competitive athletic events in the Roman era have been found in several locations, the most famous of which is at Villa Romana del Casale. Reard named his design for the Bikini Atoll , where the first post-war tests of the atomic bomb were taking place. Contestants in the first Miss World beauty pageant wore them in , but the bikini was then banned from the competition.
Citing local ordinances against appearing nude on public beaches, police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina handcuffed and detained aerial acrobat Sam Panda in response to her thong bikini. But while the specifics are always shifting, Panda's arrest is just the latest in a long history of social control enacted at the waterfront. A video posted to Facebook by the aerialist on Sunday captures more than twenty minutes of the police encounter, in which officers handcuff and detain Panda before citing a local ordinance making it "unlawful for any person to appear in the nude on any public beach. In accompanying posts to Facebook, Panda attributed the arrest to "some Karen," who she describes as having called the police because she "decided that my body was offensive to her. While Panda's companion taped, the two officers awaited backup from a supervisor and debated the parameters of the public nudity ordinance, further citing her argumentative behavior as sufficient reason for continuing to hold her in handcuffs.