Best places to travel to hook up

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In this on-demand, technology-obsessed era, no-strings-attached sex seems easier to come by than ever. As you can probably imagine — or may know from personal experience — location is everything. Theoretically, you can hook up with a soon-to-be one-night stand anywhere , but according to Saucy Dates, a casual dating site, some locations are more popular than others, as far as the meeting location is concerned. In a recent survey of over 10, of their members, the found the best places to find a one-night stand.

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For-real over, change your relationship status on Facebook over, pound a screw-top bottle of red and howl at the moon over. Now what? And being single is fuuuuuun. Rope in a gaggle of friends or go it alone according to a recent report on solo travel from Expedia, Gen Z'ers are more likely to embrace the solo trip after a life-changing event like a break-up. A four-hour train ride from Paris, this hamlet is saturated in the aged eaux-de-vie we know and love.
Hookups or Solo Trips are driving an unprecedented shift in the rationale that drives millennials into traveling. For a change, this page is dedicated to solo travelers who are seeking out excitement, looking to make friends and indulge in some guilty pleasure around the world; perhaps leaving some broken hearts on faraway islands. If a solo trip is your mojo, cram this list of steamy hookup destinations across the globe, waiting for your next overseas linkup.