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During the Vietnam War, the U. The mission, code-named Operation Ranch Hand, aimed to kill vegetation where the Viet Cong could hide, destroy any crops they might use for food, and clear areas around military bases to prevent sneak attacks. From , Agent Orange rained down from helicopters and C aircraft onto farms, rice paddies, rivers, people and animals. It was sprayed across the landscape by riverboats, trucks and soldiers wearing backpack tanks. When the barrels were empty, U. Addressing safety concerns, in a U.

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Diabetes from Agent Orange Exposure in Vietnam - Perkins Studdard

The severity of this condition varies on a case-by-case basis. Some people are able to control it with a restricted diet, whereas others may find it difficult to control blood sugar levels, even with regular insulin injections. As diabetes mellitus type II progresses, additional complications can develop that may warrant separate disability ratings. A secondary service-connected disability is a disability that results from a condition that is already service connected. Common secondary conditions that result from diabetes mellitus type II, include:. To apply for service connection for one of the above-mentioned secondary conditions, veterans must file a claim the same way they would file an initial claim for VA disability benefits. From there, veterans must demonstrate two things to VA:.

Agent Orange Diseases and Symptoms Breakdown!

Agent Orange was a mixture of plant-killing chemicals herbicides used during the Vietnam War. It was used as a defoliant to remove tree cover, destroy crops, and clear vegetation from the perimeters of US bases. About 3 million Americans served in the armed forces in Vietnam and nearby areas during the time of the Vietnam War.
Agent Orange exposure is strongly associated with a variety of health problems. These symptoms of Agent Orange exposure can range from the inconvenient to debilitating and even life-threatening. If you are a Vietnam war veteran or you otherwise experienced Agent Orange Exposure, and you are experiencing any of these Agent Orange exposure symptoms, you may be eligible for VA health care, VA disability benefits, and possibly other Agent Orange benefits. The U.