Asian needle nose gar

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Needle Nose Gar (Xenentodon cancila)

Needle Nose Gar: Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Needle Nose Gar Xenentodon cancila are found throughout the tropical jungles and rural areas of southeast Asia. They are typically found in slow moving river tributaries and streams where they use the cover provided by overhanging or floating vegetation to ambush small fish, insects and amphibians. Needle Nose Gar are found both in freshwater and brackish water; as well as, coastal waterways that fluctuate between freshwater and brackish water depending on the tidal flow. They are found living in social groups in the wild, and will do much better in the aquarium environment if they are kept in small groups of 3 or more individuals. Hobbyists with very large aquariums gallons plus often keep groups of 6 or more Needle Nose Gar successfully. Needle Nose Gar do have sharp teeth that can inflict a nasty cut if provoked, thus hobbyists should be careful when working inside an aquarium housing these fish.

Asian Needlenose Gar

The Needle Nose Gar Xenentodon cancila is a long thin fish that can reach up to about 16 inches 40 cm in length. It swims close to the surface and looks much like stick, so is sometimes referred to as a Stickfish. It is also called the Freshwater Garfish or Freshwater Gar, but it is not a gar at all. This species is actually one of the few freshwater members of the needlefish family.
Xenentodon cancila , the freshwater garfish , is a species of needlefish found in freshwater and brackish habitats in South and Southeast Asia. As a reasonably popular aquarium fish Xenentodon cancila , has been traded under a variety of common names, including needlefish , [3] silver needlefish , [4] Asian freshwater needlefish , [3] needlenose halfbeak , [5] freshwater gar , [5] needlenose gar and numerous others. While belonging to the same family as the marine needlefish known in Europe as gar or garpike, Belone belone , [6] these fish are much more distantly related to other fishes sometimes called gars such as the North American gars and South American pike characins. In common with other needlefish, this species has an elongate body with long, beak-like jaws filled with teeth. While aquarium books tend to describe this fish as a predator that eats animals such as fish and frogs , its natural diet appears to consist almost entirely of crustaceans.