Asian girls shave

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Learn Japanese with Anime, click to learn more! This is a delicate subject to write, but one that many people try to understand. Why don't Japanese women have a habit of shaving their bottoms? Is there a specific reason for letting pubic hair become a forest? In this article we will understand the whole subject.

Why don't Asians shave? How come Asian women don't shave their bush?

Why Don't Japanese Women Shave Pubic Hair? - Suki Desu

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I agree with you it's hygiene that counts and hello it looks better How do you even shave it since you are 12? I do understand for 12 yo shaving pubes is not a real problem since the hair down there is not so thick. I used to shave before when I was teenage then I started to notice a lot of ingrown hair and discomfort.
Charlie Liu decides to keep her armpit hair and takes a stand by doing so. In the black-and-white photo she submitted, Liu wears only a bra with her arms resting on her head, proudly showing her armpit hair. I hope girls will show it off without fear," Liu said in her contest entry.